Every day a large number of lost items are found without the owners getting them back. Just as the many rightful owners of seized, stolen items do not get their property back and the criminals remain unmolested. Every day, stolen and lost items are sold without the buyer knowing it. Not only is the purchase of stolen items punishable by law, but it also lays the foundation for new crimes. We can resign ourselves to the high numbers of property crimes that are published annually. We can find it bad and get upset about it. We can call for more surveillance and police and and and and... But we can also become active ourselves and do something about it. The fact that seized objects cannot be assigned to criminal offences, just as found objects cannot be assigned to their owners, we ourselves are to a large extent responsible for this! We should ask ourselves what we can do about this and help to bring about change. We have decided to do something about it! GLOBAL BACK - A service from Internet users - for Internet users. Simple, fast, convenient, useful and FREE for you!


Most of our property is marked with a unique identification number. For cameras, notebooks etc. it is the serial number, for bicycles/E-Bikes/Pedelecs and other two-wheelers it is the frame number. Mobile phones and smartphones can be identified by their IMEI number, just like vehicles can be uniquely identified by their vehicle identification number! If the vehicle is then lost, only very little information can be given about the so important serial numbers! What about you? If your bike or laptop were to be stolen, could you provide information about the frame number or serial number? Or if you lose your phone, do you know the IMEI number of your phone? Probably not?! That's why we offer you with GLOBAL BACK the possibility to register various identification numbers of your property with GLOBAL BACK. Free of charge - you don't pay a cent! ANONYM- We do not collect any personal data from you! FAST - After an initial registration it takes less than a minute! BEQUEM - It works from any computer, tablet or smartphone! By registering with GLOBAL BACK you have access to the important serial numbers of your property at ANY time and from ANY place! No more slips of paper, no more receipts to search for, if you can find them at all! How and where you can register your serial number with GLOBAL BACK is explained at the bottom of this page...

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It is usually sufficient for the search if you enter only one identification number. If the search results in multiple hits/entries (if more than one manufacturer uses the same information?!), then the additional indication of a manufacturer is recommended.
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Not every item or vehicle that we care about, such as our keys or luggage, is identifiable by a serial number or other identification number. To close this "gap", you can now purchase your own identification number, the GLOBAL BACK - Identification Number ( GB-ID ), from GLOBAL BACK. What advantages your own GB-ID has for you and how you can get your GB-ID, you can find out >>>> here <<<
The next step - checking serial numbers...
Registering your serial number with GLOBAL BACK is only the first step. By registering with GLOBAL BACK, EVERYONE can see IMMEDIATELY that the item has been stolen from you, that you have lost it or that you are the owner. Very important! Register your property with GLOBAL BACK before it is stolen from you or you lose it! It often takes a long time before you realize that you have lost something or that something has been stolen from you. During this time criminals can offer your property for sale without any risk and NO BUYER can tell at this time that the item has been stolen or that you have lost it. How could they? Neither can the finder of your lost item find out that YOU have lost it and contact you. That is why it is very important that you register your property with GLOBAL BACK before it is stolen from you or you lose it! Why? You can find out >> here <<

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If we buy a stolen item, we not only make ourselves liable to prosecution, but we must return the purchased item to its rightful owner. This means that legal proceedings are imminent, the money is gone and so is the purchased item! Therefore, we can only recommend that you check the serial number at GLOBAL BACK before making a purchase. Maybe the item has already been registered at GLOBAL BACK.
GLOBAL BACK is more than just a website
In order to ensure that GLOBAL BACK and its entries are widely distributed, we address our users via a large number of other websites. Through national and international websites, we continue to increase the awareness of GLOBAL BACK... All internet presences, we call them "GLOBAL BACK - satellites", access one and the same database. This has the great advantage for you that you only have to register the object or vehicle once and your entry appears on all websites. This website is such a GLOBAL BACK - satellite. It is not even necessary to know GLOBAL BACK itself or any of the GLOBAL BACK satellites. If you enter your registered serial number, for example at Google, you will find it and be forwarded to GLOBAL BACK!
GLOBAL BACK - across national borders...
With GLOBAL BACK we also have our sights set on foreign countries. On the one hand, we are icing up more and more often, while on the other, burglary gangs are using the disappearing borders to commit crimes here and sell the stolen items in their home country without risk. The main domain for foreign countries is our English language homepage . In addition we operate and work on further international GLOBAL BACK - satellites in different countries and in the respective national language. This increases your chances of getting your property back, even if you lost it in another country or it was stolen from you there!
GLOBAL BACK - von Nutzer, für Nutzer…
As mentioned above, GLOBAL BACK is intended to be a service from Internet users for Internet users. What we personally do not like on the Internet on other Internet sites, we do not even want to offer you. Perhaps you have not yet noticed, but with us you do not need to confirm a cookie hint banner and you do not need to make a choice as to which cookies you would like to allow or which you do not want to allow. There is a very simple reason for this. We completely dispense with any cookies that analyze and store your visit to GLOBAL BACK. We do not want to be constantly analysed ourselves, therefore we do not analyse your surfing behaviour on GLOBAL BACK and all GLOBAL BACK satellites. In addition, we do not use any tracking programs through which we receive information about which pages of GLOBAL BACK you visit and how long you visit them. Newsletter... We do not even offer you a newsletter function. If you would like to learn more about GLOBAL BACK, please visit our homepage or the GLOBAL BACK company page on Facebook from time to time. Social Media... Hardly any homepage on the Internet without the Like-Button of Facebook and Co. Surely it has advantages in marketing, if you insert e.g. the Facebook-Like-Button on your pages. The disadvantage of it. With the button we would allow Facebook to analyze the pages of GLOBAL BACK and their visitors without any influence on them. Therefore, in your own interest, we will refrain from doing so. Instead, we have set up a link through which you can easily reach GLOBAL BACK on Facebook.
In addition, we hope that GLOBAL BACK will have a positive influence on the high number of burglaries and thefts. As in the free economy, supply and demand also play a very decisive role in property offences. Currently, the only thing that matters is to prevent a break-in or theft. Apartments and houses are transformed into fortresses if possible and we try to secure our other property with better and better and more sophisticated locks etc. Once criminals have overcome these hurdles, nothing stands in the way of a safe and risk-free sale! If the price is right, we as buyers strike. What else can we do? Call the police for every single item? I don't think so, especially since the police would be completely overwhelmed. For criminals, it's easy money and they need to be resupplied as quickly as possible. The cycle is complete. With GLOBAL BACK we want to break this cycle! Not by preventing burglary/theft, but by making sales more difficult if not impossible. A perpetrator specialising in bicycle theft may still steal a second, third and maybe even a fourth bicycle if he does not get a stolen bicycle sold immediately. But at some point the largest cellar and the largest hall will be full... So why go on stealing bicycles? Everyone can easily and conveniently check at GLOBAL BACK to see whether the item offered for sale has not already been registered as stolen by its owner. Or at least as registered property - no sale is registered if the owner has not yet noticed the break-in or theft at that time! So it is up to each and every one of us whether we continue as before or whether we want to change something.
You can also make a personal contribution to the success of GLOBAL BACK and reach more and more people. If the opportunity arises, report on GLOBAL BACK to your family, friends, work and acquaintances. Are you registered with Forums? Refer other forum participants to GLOBAL BACK. You run your own homepage, privately or professionally? Then we would be very happy about a link on your homepage to GLOBAL BACK. You use Facebook? Then visit our company page and Like and Share GLOBAL BACK. You can support GLOBAL BACK the most by making use of GLOBAL BACK! Register any identification numbers and check the identification number at GLOBAL BACK before making a purchase. Even of packed new goods, because even these can come from a burglary.
Register serial numbers with GLOBAL BACK for free
At GLOBAL BACK you can not only register serial numbers, but also frame numbers of bicycles, e-bikes etc., IMEI numbers of mobile phones and smartphones, vehicle identification numbers of any vehicle etc. Finally, GLOBAL BACK allows you to register any object or vehicle free of charge, as long as the objects and vehicles can be identified by a unique identification number, and that FREE OF CHARGE! Link to the homepage of >> GLOBAL BACK << Link >> to the registration form <<
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Usually it is sufficient for the search to enter only an serial number. If the search should lead to several hits/ entries (if several manufacturers use similar information), it is recommended to add the manufacturer. required field
The registration of items and vehicles is done for you free and fast. All you need to do is fill out a form for your first entry, send it, and confirm the registration in the e-mail sent to you. You only need to log in with your user data for each additional entry and register new entries or edit or delete existing entries !
GLOBAL BACK is a registered trademark of D.Eschner & S.Eschner GbR Translation with deepl
By checking each serial number with GLOBAL BACK before you are making a purchase, you are helping to ensure that stolen and lost items are identified as such ! Even if you do not receive your stolen property or lost property back after registering at global back, you can still be sure that you will make it not that easy for the thief to sell the stolen item. Criminals are usually well informed, also about GLOBAL BACK! If criminals see that the stolen or found ítem is registered as such with GLOBAL BACK, they must expect with any every time they try to sell the item, that they can be exposed as a thief or dishonest finder. Just for this alone it is worth registering with GLOBAL BACK. GLOBAL BACK is not standing still, we are constantly developing further. So we hope, that we will be able to offer you more services soon. Thank you for your interest in GLOBAL BACK and recommend us! Thanks.
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